June 26, 2009

November 7, 2008

Desperate much?

Global Warming fanatics have apparently run out of things to talk about :

Oh no, not the Lemmings! We've gotta same them before it's too late....

September 27, 2008

Nature Magazine has it right.

Well I think this is an accurate description of our presidential candidates.

August 5, 2008

Suppression of Women and Distopia

If I've learned anything from my fellow peers this summer, it's that women are still being suppressed by men and that the world is eventually going towards distopia. Here are my thoughts on these two opinions:

I, for one, don't think that women are really being suppressed so much anymore. Especially compared to what it used to be. There was a time and place for whining and complaining, but it really has to stop. .....Oh yeah I forgot that people never stop complaining about suppression *cough* Back to the point, though, the most common argument I hear is, "But women's salaries are still lower than men's salaries according to statistics." Well I can think of two very good reasons why this may be so. First off, girls get pregnant and have babies. Therefore, "statistically" there are less women that work. Second, there aren't as many women in the higher paying jobs such as engineering and sciences. However, in today's society, if a man and a woman come from exactly the same education with the exact same credentials, they will be paid the same. Bottom line. I am a successful woman myself, and instead of complaining and making excuses, I just get the job done. I especially don't think women have the right to complain with the affirmative action floating out there. It is, in fact, HARDER for men to get to college right now, especially white men. They should be the ones complaining.

As for this distopia business. This is how the subject first arose. Me: "Why don't we watch any happy movies around here?" Someone else: "Because movies where our future is portrayed as bad or catastrophic are much more realistic." I am just sick of this negative attitude! Why does everyone think that the world is coming to an end, and why is it usually our own country's fault?? I, for one, think the world will keep getting better :-) I'm not saying we shouldn't try to make the world a better place, but assuming that technology, among other things, is going to destroy us is a not a good way to look at things. Technology has made our lives easier and safer so far. Everyone needs to stop being so darn pessimistic!

July 26, 2008

Girls Revealed

No matter how hard I try, I just really can't seem to get along with most girls. Here are a few typical traits of girls I don't like: (I am going to refer to all women as "Estrogen World" but I'll go ahead and use EW for short)

-Attention-seeking: Several of the following traits are caused by this one. EW want as much attention/popularity as EW can get, and EW will usually do anything to get it.

-Backstabbing: Definitely caused by the one above. EW would have no real reason to backstab unless they're trying to get someone to like then, or if they're seeking attention

-Manipulative: This trait is used to always get your way. Manipulation is used on guys very often in order to get as many guys to like them as possible. When EW leads guys on, that is a form of manipulation. They will even manipulate their best friends to get what they want. EW is the master of this, and I have found that guys are typically not as good at manipulation. They are much more simple.

-Emotional: Again, I think a big part of this is the attention thing. I feel like when members of EW are outwardly emotional they are looking for pity or attention.

-Dramatic: For some reason, when you're a part of EW, the world is always coming to an end at all times. The tiniest things suddenly become huge. For example: John says Sally is ugly behind Sally's back. Sally finds out from Amanda. Sally kills herself. Poor Sally.

-Jealous: EW are very jealous of each other. While EW seems incapable of loving themselves, they seem very capable of loving other members of EW and in turn really hating them.

-Rude: I would use another word, but I'm trying to keep my blog clean. Usually, though, this only comes to play when interacting with other members of EW. Mainly caused by previous trait.

Well those are really the only traits I can pinpoint only to EW. If I think of anymore I will add them, but feel free to add your own in the comment box. The world needs to be warned of EW while they still can.

(I am by no means free of all of these myself, but being aware is the first step :-P )

July 16, 2008

You know what really grinds my gears...

Today I ran across two articles one after the other that both made me cringe.

The first is about a hearing-impaired woman. Now this hearing-impaired woman decided to head to McDonalds one day for a bit of fast food. When this hearing-impaired woman arrived at McDonalds, she decides that she wants to go through the drive-thru because we all know drive-thrus are normally loud and clear. After arriving at the speaker the worker wants to know what she wants......."Eh?" "What do you want maam" "Eh?" "What would you like to eat maam" "Eh?"..."Well gosh darnit I can't hear a darn word he's saying, I think I'm gonna go sue" You see, McDonalds now owes her money because they don't have appropriate accommodations for a minority of the population. This is preposterous because she is going to receive a large sum of money probably for "emotional damages" or some crap like that when she doesn't really need it. You know why I don't agree with suing?? Because no sum of money fixes anything. The only way I would ever sue is if someone came up to me and chopped my leg off with an axe. And if that happened I would make them pay for the hospital bills only. Just because someone or some place inconveniences you, it doesn't mean your owed anything. Why does everyone think they're owed something!?!? Life is hard, now deal with it.

Ok now on to article number two.

I'll start off with another story. Woman doesn't pay her mortgage. Continues not to pay for nine months. Owners kick her out.

Weelll that's what should have happened. Instead, though, she's a victim. Since she's failing to PAY FOR HER HOUSE, she's a victim. Oh and did I mention the owners are vicious monsters who are trying to kick a "poor woman" on the streets. There were actually 60 activists on the day of eviction standing in front of her house. Who's looking out for the owners? What if they are down thousands of dollars on this because she's not paying her rent? Noone cares! And can you believe this woman actually said, "I'm taking a stand,why punish me?" Does noone see anything wrong with that? You're getting punished because you've been STEALING A HOUSE for 9 months. You're a thief, but you're the victim. What has the world come to?

July 15, 2008

Please Stop Fox News, You're Hurting Me.

This is the story of a man's encounter with Fox News.

Nathan Robinson is a "decent, thinking person" who, as a "bleeding-heart liberal", felt "duty-bound to give Fox News a chance." Now since we all know Fox is full of crazy conservatives and spazzoids, this was a very brave thing for Nathan to do. It's nice to have such an open-minded, knowledgeable fellow around.

So after watching 24 hours of Fox News, what did Nathan discover?
Well here are a few quotes from his article.

-FOX screams at you, and won't let you turn your mind down a notch. Everything is angry, bright, and in-your-face.

-I start to count the number of different Blonde FOX Ladies. I soon find this to be an impossible task. They cannot be distinguished.

-The worst thing about FOX is not its bias, but the "panic mode" that it seems to live in. Everything is a catastrophe. Immigrants will get you. Lightbulbs will get you. Wildfires will get you. Jesse Jackson will cut your nuts off.

-The message of the network seems to be "It's a scary world out there. You're going to need a gun and some deep-seated prejudice if you're going to make it out alive."

-It's a world where love is replaced by fear, and flashing colors and loud noises stand in for open, honest discussions. It's a crazy-mixed up land of deceit, terror, and sleaze.

Now this is some scary stuff. I'm going to have to stay away from Fox News and all of the indistinguishable blonde women, scare tactics, loud noises, and wild circumcising men.

This is a serious concern since liberals are completely free of scare tactics and yelling. Global Warming, anti-war, gay tolerance, political correctness, and racial discrimination are all things discussed reasonably and calmly. We need to stop the conservative loonies while we still can.